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AgooBiz // The Social Commerce Network™ is The Social Commerce Network of manufacturers, wholesalers, retailers, service providers, & professionals. It empowers its members to CONNECT, SELL, BUY, SHARE IDEAS, PROMOTE THEIR CAUSES, SHOWCASE THEIR SERVICES, LEARN FROM EACH OTHER, and TRANSACT THEIR BUSINESS under one roof.

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What Does for Businesses/Non-Profits: empowers small to mid-sized businesses [SMB's] to connect + grow by facilitating their strength in numbers.

Resources a Business Needs to Prosper & Grow:

  • Money for Business Development
  • Large Labor Force
  • Successful Marketing Strategies
  • Advertising Capital
  • Updated Equipment

Many businesses, especially in this slow economy, don’t have these resources; while their larger competitors do.

Therefore, connects businesses to supportive companies with the ultimate goals of empowering all parties involved to GROW THEIR SUPPLY CHAIN, NURTURE CONNECTIONS and INCREASE SALES.

Large coporations such as Walmart, HSN, and QVC require businesses to conform to their operations before these corporations agree to sell their products. helps you grow and expand through interactions with multiple industries - without changing your operations.

Remember when there were small neighborhood bookstores before Barnes & Noble, Borders, and Amazon? What about all those neighborhood hardware stores before Home Depot, Lowes, and Ace helped put them all out of business? is committed to provide an evermore level playing for small to mid-sized businesses to compete with the larger enterprises.'s social commerce network is a unique platform where a small handmade jewelry producer in Iowa, currently selling out of their house, can begin to sell wholesale to a small kiosk or boutique in a California mall.

AgooBiz Is a Sidekick for Your Existing Web Site & Helps:

  • Mom & Pop Shops
  • One-person operations
  • Limited Production Businesses
  • Small Retailers
  • Service Providers
  • Professionals
  • Kiosks
  • Boutiques

Compare what features AgooBiz has to offer, with other leading networks.

WE welcome YOUR business & YOUR ideas to AgooBiz.

Let's Make it a Productive Future for ALL!

AgooBiz // The Social Commerce Network
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