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Feb. 19th, 2012 // 58 Things Soc ... February 20, 2012  //  0 comments

Feb. 19th, 2012 // 58 Things Social Media Newbies Say & Maybe You Said, Too!?

Posted in // Social Media Today

Posted by // Pam Moore

There comes a time in life when you must acknowledge social media, Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn are all here to stay. Yes, the social network platforms may change. Facebook will eventually become the Myspace of yesterday. However, one thing is certain, social media, mobile phones, iPad evolution and technology in general is not going away.

At one point in time we all still are, were or will be newbies at something. It’s funny to think back to the first day you tweeted or joined Facebook. I joined Facebook in 2006 when I worked at Sun Microsystems. We were required to get on Facebook in support of an internal big marketing conference. I remember thinking how awkward it was to be so transaparent and have everyone from family, friends, neighbors, girlfriends, past boyfriends, teachers, boss and hubby all in one place! Yowza!

My how things have changed. Now we share our life, our ups and downs in 140 characters on Twitter, in pictures on Pinterest, on blog posts like this and of course on Facebook.

Learning all the bits, bytes, lingo and lango is not always easy. The best thing to do is ask the questions you have, answer the ones you know and have fun. Yes, we do social media for business. However, once in awhile ya’ have to laugh a little or even a lot.

Below are some quotes I have heard many newbies say including some folks close to me in life and business. I hope you can have some fun with this and add your own. We’re working on a video to incorporate some of them with a couple clients. If your suggestion makes it in the video, we’ll give you credit for it in the video and accompanied description!

Note: By no means is this post meant to make fun of social newbies. We love newbies around these parts. We were all a newbie at some point and will be a newbie tomorrow when the next new shiny bright object launches!

58 Things Social Newbies Say & Maybe You Said Too!?

1. None of my customers are on social, seriously.

2. I don’t have time. I’m too busy selling. I attend networking groups 3 mornings and 5 nights of the week.

3. Facebook is only for kids.

4. I have a Facebook page but nobody talks to me. My customers are all introverts.

5. I can’t do social. No way. I like my double personality lifestyle.

6. Twitter… That sounds like the perfect platform to tweet coupon codes!

7. Twitter is for dumb birds who can’t talk in more than 140 character bytes.

8. LinkedIn is for the jobless and bored.

9. Shut up! My website is savvy! We just added a twitter button.

10. What do you mean listen on social? Where is the sound button?

11. Hashtag, hash brown same thing right? I’ll take the hash brown, thank you.

12. I tweeted!!

13. No way, no sirreee! I am not tweeting what I had for lunch!

14. What do you mean tweet you later?? I’ll call you at 4:00 pm et. Want me to setup a conference line?

15. Did I just tweet?

16. Dude, you can’t say that on twitter!

17. Ahhhh my mom doesn’t even know what twitter is. Yes!

18. Is it a tweet or a twit?

19. What is the difference between a tweet, twit, retweet and reheat?

20. Seriously, just call me. I don’t have a smart phone like you.

21. Oooh. He is giving me a hand massage. I got tweeter fingers after sending all those tweets today.

22. Said after first retweet: “Stop, collaborate and listen I’m the tweeter who’s got their attention!”

23. DM me baby. Hey, that sounds cool, doesn’t it?

24. Why do you I look so tired? It’s that darn Twitter bird keeping me up every night.

25. I got a retweet! Woot!

26. That twitter bird is crazy!

27. Me addicted to twitter? Never!!

28. Twitter is for people who don’t have a life.

29. How am I suppose to say anything in this tiny little box and only 140 characters?

30. Said while looking at timeline: “Look! All these people sent me tweets!”

31. I tweeted again!

32. What’s my password?

33. I think I’ll go back to Facebook

34. What if my competitors see what we say?

35. Did he really just tweet that?

36. Woah! I just found out my best customer is on Twitter. Who woulda thunk?

37. Cool, I’ll just send all my tweets to Facebook & Facebook posts to tweets and will be all set!

38. How do I get one of those cool influence scores?

39. How do I get that verified badge? I’m a pretty popular guy. I’m gonna need one!

40. What’s wrong with that lil egg as my profile picture? It’s cute!

41. I need to use my real face? Why would I do that? Then I can’t stalk anyone.

42. Facebook, nobody is on Facebook anymore.

43. Google+? That’s where I go to search for stuff on the internet, right?

44. Be careful out there on that internet. I heard there are ripoff scammers.

45. Video? Why would anyone want to watch a video when we have phone & in person.

46. Blogging? That would mean I have to engage and listen!

47. Let my sales reps on social? Are you kidding?

48. My sales reps don’t have time for social. They are busy cold calling and door to door knocking.

49. We can’t let people comment on our blog. What if someone says something bad?

50. Email? Why would I want to integrate email into a social media campaign?

51. Call to action? Why would I call someone to take action? What action?

52. We are on social. We have a Twitter and Facebook account. Haven’t logged on in a few months but we are definitely a social company!

53. Community manager? What is that? Don’t need one of those as nobody talks to us.

54. What do you mean by social listening? Nobody says anything on our Facebook page so nothing to listen to!

55. Yes! I got followers! Social media success!!

56. I got 25 Facebook likes. We are rockin!

57. I seriously think Facebook might save our business this year!

58. Will you plllleeeaaase retweet this?

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Feb. 15th, 2012 // Why Timeline ... February 19, 2012  //  0 comments

Feb. 15th, 2012 // Why Timeline is a Big Misstep for Facebook

Posted in // Social Media Today

Posted by // JD Lasica

In September when Facebook introduced Timeline, its new profile interface designed to "tell your life story," many of us scratched our heads and wondered whether this would turn out to be a serious misstep - a blunder significant enough to knock Facebook from its throne of power.

While the long-term consequences remain to be seen, the short-term verdict is in, and Facebook's members give Timeline a decided thumbs down.

A full 70 percent of people polled by opinion site SodaHead said they want to see the new feature bite the dust. Only 20 percent of respondents said they like the Timeline.

There's also an age gap: 30 percent of those 18 to 24 years old said they like Timeline, while only 10 percent of folks over 65 approve. While SodaHead did not conduct a scientific poll (1,327 SodaHead users weighed in), similar negative findings have turned up in online surveys by CNET, by Sophos, where only 8 percent of 4,000 Facebook users said they liked Timeline, and by Mashable, where 79% of more than 1,500 voters said they wanted Facebook Timeline to be optional.

It appears that's not going to happen. Reports are circulating that Facebook plans to make Timeline mandatory for all members - probably in the next two weeks.

Why Timeline is a mistake: It's the metaphor

While it's admirable and important that a company with 850 million users continues to innovate, it strikes me that this is a major overhaul that's being imposed from the top down. (Didn't Mark Zuckerberg come up with the idea himself?) See Zuckerberg announcing it at the f8 developers conference in September in this YouTube video - and see the reaction from users in the comments.

Facebook's profile: old (top) and new.

Here's where I come down: Timeline is changing our experience on Facebook in profound ways, both positive and negative. Facebook's former UI and content flow were no great shakes, but Timeline As Dominant Interface on Facebook is a step in the wrong direction, for one single reason: The metaphor is all wrong. Let me explain.

In a revealing interview with Jolie ODell in VentureBeat, Facebook product chief Sam Lessin brought up the fictional Mad Men character Don Draper’s pitch for the Carousel slide projector, a presentation that emphasized memory and emotion. Lessin said Timeline was about tapping into reminiscence, memory and nostalgia.

Which is true. And it's exactly what we don't want Facebook to be.

Facebook, from its beginnings, has been all about sharing what's happening now, a place for stream-of-consciousness revelations, angst, joy, inner turmoil made manifest and shared, more often than not, with the world. Many or most of us left our privacy settings on the default Let It All Hang Out. It can barely be overstated how influential Facebook has been in pushing the culture into more openness and in making sharing the dominant theme of our online interactions. But shareable objects have a lifespan. Ever try sharing a year-old article or photo on Twitter or Google Plus?

Timeline switches the overall metaphor from Facebook as sharing hub to Facebook as historical record keeper.

The old Facebook was about the real-time Web. The new Facebook is about the Wayback Machine.

The old Facebook was a snapshot. The new Facebook is a History Channel documentary.

The old Facebook was a trashy potboiler. The new Facebook is Wikipedia for Everyone.

The old Facebook felt like intimacy. The new Facebook feels like radical transparency.

The old Facebook permitted reinvention of our digital lives — our online identities were largely malleable, even if we were deluding ourselves in the end. The new Facebook is less forgiving. It's about showing off memories, sure, but also past boyfriends and girlfriends, late-night mistakes, bad haircuts, and all the other warts and regrets that are doubtless leading millions of people to ratchet up the privacy settings (see Dave Awl's observation at the bottom of this article) and to comb through Facebook's dusky digital recesses, scrambling to sanitize their past.

On top of it all, the new design is just a mess. “We had a thousand iterations for this," Lessin said — and this is the best they could come up with for Facebook's largest makeover ever? It gives people one more reason only to call up the news feed rather than go check out a person's profile page. While a prominent image at the top is a great improvement over the old look, the rest of the two-column UI is a headache-inducing jumble. The news feed and scroll of status updates pulls us back to the metaphor of the real-time Web. But with Timeline, the metaphor is now decidedly mixed.

Timeline apps could change the equation again

Now, having said all this, I understand why Facebook, as it has countless times before, is forcing the new look on its members: It wants a uniform user experience. Facebook has driven legions of its members to frothy madness over the years by forcing them to adopt the site's new UI. It makes sense: You want users to have a consistent experience.

But Timeline may prove to be the "upgrade" that millions of members will come to reject. And by reject I don't mean they'll quit using Facebook overnight. The real numbers to watch are not Facebook's overall growth rate, which has slowed considerably, but the time spent on the site. A startling 70 percent of Americans log into Facebook every day (or at least click a Like button somewhere). If that number starts to slide, along with the number of minutes spent on the site, I believe Timeline will be at the root of the decline.

Certainly every Facebook member's experience is different. For me, I used to log into Facebook for two reasons: to check my news feed, and to check whether I've been tagged in a photo that showed up prominently on my home page. That second reason is now gone, and I've swapped out my main Timeline image only twice in the past month.

Now, it could be that we're at a transition stage where a new generation of Timeline apps will completely revolutionize the Timeline experience. Already we're seeing Timeline apps like Spotify, Pinterest and Living Social make sharing even more frictionless. John Haydon just wrote about using the RunKeeper app to chronicle his workouts.

These are welcome developments. But none of these new apps are dependent on Timeline being the dominant metaphor for the new Facebook. Perhaps there's a financial reason for Facebook implementing Timeline, but it's hard to see a revenue generator here that couldn't be had in other ways.

Only time will tell whether Facebook's adoption of Timeline will be a mistake on the order of Beacon (without the PR backlash). But this could prove to be one rollout that Facebook comes to regret.

It's too bad. Facebook's heart is in the right place, and we should be applauding them for helping us tell our stories and giving friends an easier way to access posts that fall away too quickly. But Timeline seems to be less an enabler of storytelling than an unwelcome guest setting up for a long stay in our digital living rooms.

What's your opinion of the Timeline? Please add your thoughts in the comments.

Read the entire post in Social Media Today posted by JD Lasica.

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Feb. 14th, 2012 // Local Busines ... February 15, 2012  //  0 comments

Feb. 14th, 2012 // Local Business - Only 1.3% of Fans Actively Engage on Facebook

Posted in // Social Media Today

Posted by // Chris Marentis

You read that title right. Of the millions and millions of users on Facebook, a new study by the Ehrenberg-Bass Institute found that almost 99% of Facebook fans do not engage with the brands they follow. The study recently published by AdAge selected the top 200 Facebook brands to track over the course of six weeks and studied how many likes, shares, comments, tags and posts occurred for each. The result was that only 1.3% of fans actively engage. That number drops even further to only .45% when you remove the new ‘likes’ from fans.

At first glance, this number might catch you a bit off guard; but is this really that much of a surprise? If you think about it, once you ‘like’ a local business page, how often do you actively engage with that business via Facebook? Probably not that often unless you’re helping them do some marketing.

At the same time, how often do you see your favorite business’s info, posts, comments, likes, etc. when you log on to Facebook? And how often are you reminded of specials and promotions from that business that make you act by purchasing or contacting them, or maybe even refer them to a friend? Probably a lot more often than you ‘actively’ engage.

So what does this mean for a local business?

It shouldn’t change a thing about the emphasis on how important Facebook and other forms of social media are for your local business. It’s still important for local businesses to have a presence on Facebook to build their brand, attract more leads and paying customers, and to help with search engine optimization; just to name a few of the benefits of Facebook. Facebook is a global database of consumers at your fingertips. And when optimized correctly, Facebook can help boost your search engine rankings both internal to the Facebook search engine, and external to search engines such as Google, Bing and Yahoo. In addition, Facebook is a great way to interact and engage with industry peers and experts to help build your own industry expert status and credibility.

And to reiterate what I said earlier in this post, when it comes to engaging with consumers, even if your target audience isn’t actively engaging back, it doesn’t mean you’re not being seen and gaining business. It’s important that a local business is constantly engaging with their target audience by consistently posting updates, links to blogs and newsworthy information, promotions, and likes in addition to responding to comments both on their Facebook wall in addition to comments on their fans or other industry experts’ walls.

So when you’re looking at your Return on Investment when it comes to the resources you invest in Facebook and other social media platforms, keep in mind that if you’re just going by the amount of interaction you receive on your page, then you’re missing a large part of the picture. You need to consider all of the benefits Facebook and social media bring to your local business for a true evaluation of Return on Investment.

Read the entire post in Social Media Today posted by Chris Marentis.